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 This has been included on the LGVS website because many Langton Green residents are regular visitors to Rusthall and so may wish to participate in the consultation.


For further information visit this link                                                                                                          15 January









A number of people have come forward in the village to create a Neighbours’ Network. The aim is to ensure that everyone in Langton Green knows a ‘neighbour’ they can contact if they are self-isolating and need someone to fetch shopping or medicines, or if they are feeling anxious and need someone to speak to.
Each road (or part of a road) now has a Neighbours’ Network helper who is willing to be a point of contact.
You should by now have already had a slip through YOUR DOOR (or be getting one soon) with details of someone living close by who can help you if needed, and if you haven’t do leave a message on the Church answerphone 01892 861889

If you are able to assist the Neighbours’ Network helpers, please respond to the person named on the slip when it comes through your door and let them know you are happy to help.

Those who are vulnerable to infection may be self-isolating for 12 weeks. This is a very long time to go without warm personal contact. Even the most robust are likely to struggle.
There’s nothing like a friendly voice to offer solace when someone is worried or lonely. A smile can bring cheer (even on the phone.) Please therefore consider identifying 10 people in your phone book around the village who are also self-isolating and aim to phone a couple of them each day for a chat (on a rota so each get a call from you once/week). The aim is for everyone in the village to have a few calls each day to maintain positive human warmth.
In addition, there is a Village chat-line manned by folk from the Village 01892 322155.  This is Monday – Friday between 10am -12noon and 2pm -4pm. If you haven’t spoken to anyone in a few days (or even a few hours) and would like a chat please do give it a ring.


For a few families in the village, a school lunch gives their children their only main meal of the day. Furthermore, there are some whose income will have dried up because of the virus. If that is YOU (or someone you know) please either ring the church office 01892 861889 or email and we will endeavour to get a weekly ‘hamper box’ to you so that you can have a hot meal each day.

If you would like to make a donation to this worthy initiative, then you can use your mobile phone and send a text to 70450:

For a donation of £3 – text FOODBOX 3

For a donation of £10 – text FOODBOX 10

For a donation of £20 – text FOODBOX 20


Finally, if you would like to become more involved, please contact the Church Wardens, who are coordinating with Rev Lynn for the village, on or through Facebook Village Chat, or ring and leave a message with the church office on 01892 861889

Thank you – your village needs your help.                                                                                                       26 March

 "Langtons" the new village sandwich shop and bakery has opened. It is owned and run by Hannah Murphy, who has over 25 years experience as both a professional and home cook. Hannah produces her own cakes, tray bakes and sweet treats and is supplied with fresh bread and some pastry products by The Village Bakery in Groombridge. She also provides a meal collection service and party cakes from her Food Spa Home Range service that she has been running in Tunbridge Wells since 2018.


For further information visit this link                                                                                                            5 March






Highways News - you may be interested in reading about the Parish Council's latest news and plans for our local roads around Langton Green and the other villages. Please CLICK HERE to be taken to the article.

As is usual at Christmas time, The Village Society provided the tree, decorations and lights up by the Green just outside the Hare for the village to enjoy.  We hope you liked it! 


STOP PRESS : 21-23 Newlands appeal has been dismissed by the inspector.  Please CLICK HERE to read the full appeal dismissal. 

                                                                                                                                                      5th November 2019

After a very successful summer fete in July, the Village Society are pleased to distribute some of their funds over the next 6-12 months to local good causes, as agreed by the Committee, such as the Primary School (as required in the future for possible new development), the short mat bowls club, the local allotment society and to help support a monthly lunch club to be held in the Pavilion. In addition, a donation was made this year to Folly Wildlife Rescue, an animal charity based along Fairview Lane, just outside of Langton Green. Lastly, a substantial amount of funds will be used over the coming year to improve our environment with new bulbs being planted and perhaps even a tree or two in areas which can support this. Our recent membership survey results gave more weight to the look of the village, tidyness and environment than any other category.

The Annual General Meeting of the LGCT took place in the Langton Green Village Hall on Thursday 10 October. The Trust confirmed to all those who attended that it would be merged into the newly incorporated 'The Langton Green Village Hall' CIO before the end of the year. At that time, the Trust would effectively become a dormant charity and the new CIO would take over the running of the Village Hall. 


STOP PRESSThis action has now been completed and the new charity which owns and operates the Village Hall is now known as 'The Langton Green Village Hall' (Charitable Incorporated Organisation). 

                                                                                                                                                               1st November 2019

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The LG recreation ground field nearest to the Village Hall is now closed off to the general public. This is to allow the necesary groundworks to be completed over the next six months or so.


The project is being led by the Community Sports Association along with the Parish Council, who are the landowners. Further information may be obtained from here - Grass Field Project


The children's play areas are still accessible.


                                                                             25 July 2019


Planning - You may have seen recently that both Knowle Close and Newlands were refused planning permission by TWBC, although the development at Speeds Farm was eventually approved. In particular, the Newlands application had attracted a massive amount of local opposition and which shows how important it is, these days, to focus any objection on the key facts and with, perhaps most importantly, reference to the relevant planning policies both at local and national level. If this is done in a clear and sensible manner, the TWBC delegated officer responsible for deciding on the application has every reason to consider each point in an objection very carefully. 


Also to note, on nearly all applications, it is this individual delegated planning officer who makes the decision with regard to approval or refusal. Some people still believe, erroneously, that these decisions are made by committee. Many years ago that was the way; in our case the TWBC 'Western Area Planning Committee' would have decided on a planning application. Now, one officer decides using a clear set of local and national criteria. Only if a Borough Councillor "calls in" an application, does the application go before the full Council in one of their evening meetings. This happened in the Speeds Farm example, on which the delegated officer had given his view that it should be approved. Councillors then made their decision based on all the information before them. 


Our Borough Councillors (Speldhurst & Bidborough) are Julian Stanyer, Julia Soyke and Lucy Willis. Their contact details can be found on the TWBC website


Lastly, please remember that TWBC no longer send out letters to neighbouring properties about new planning applications. We first mentioned this back in 2017 on this page (see below). Instead, you need to look out for any yellow notices on lamp posts, trees or fences etc which now notify you of an application or be registered for email updates direct from the Council.

Lynn Jeffreys being presented with her award

The Village Society AGM took place up at the Village Hall on 25th March and was well attended by many residents. As well as the usual 'AGM stuff' and our guest speakers, it was particularly pleasing to be able to present a Lifetime Achievement Award to Lynn Jeffreys of Langton Green for her long service, as both a councillor and for many years as chairman, on Speldhurst Parish Council. Well done Lynn! 




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You may have seen this previously, but even so it still makes pleasant reading!  Country Life magazine mentioned Langton Green as one of the best places to live in Kent. Their full article was entitled 'The 50 Best Places to Live Near London' with 6 villages in our county getting a mention. Langton Green was first out of those six on the list, just in case that makes a difference ;-)


You may read their article HERE




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