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Neighbourhood Watch (NhW) in Langton Green is affiliated to the West Kent Neighbourhood Watch Association (WKNWA) which covers West Kent, the same area as West Kent Police. NhW is a way of developing close liaison between households in a neighbourhood, and between them and the local police. The aim is to help people to protect themselves and their properties, improve security, enhance vigilance and foster a neighbouring, caring spirit in communities.


The Langton Green Area Coordinator is Peter Brown. There are at present twenty four NhW Schemes (or Watches) in Langton Green. Each Watch is looked after by a Coordinator, and the number of households vary from six to over one hundred. In very large Watches there may be one or more 'Link Coordinators.'


The Watches at present are:

  • Asher Reeds
  • Broom Lane
  • Broom Park
  • Courtenwell
  • Dornden Drive (North). With Great Courtlands and part of Farnham Lane.
  • Dornden Drive (South)
  • Farnham Close
  • Gibbetts
  • Great Footway
  • Hazelbank
  • Hither Chantlers
  • Holmewood Ridge
  • Knole Close
  • Langton Ridge
  • Longmeads
  • Monteith Close
  • Newlands
  • Ryders
  • Salisbury Road
  • Speldhurst Road (Part)
  • Stonewall Park Road
  • The Boundary & Ironstones
  • Upper Profit
  • Yew Tree


Coordinators are needed for those areas not covered. If you would like some assistance in setting up a scheme in your area contact Peter Brown via e-mail to

What do Coordinators Do? 

  1. Keep residents informed of crime in Tunbridge Wells Borough. Information is sent out by "e-Watch" and also by special local information from time to time.
  2. Warn about scams and repeat crimes, and things like distraction burglaries.
  3. Can act as an intelligence network on suspicious activities.
  4. Work with the Area Coordinator and the Police.
  5. Use e-mail as the major communication system, supplementing this on occasions with doorstep contacts.


Being a Coordinator is not a great time consumer and brings other benefits. You get to know those neighbours whom you had not met; insurance premiums are sometimes lower in NhW areas; it is satisfying that you are doing your bit to frustrate the bad guys. As with most things, you get out what you put in.

If your road is not covered by NhW why not do something about it, and contact Peter Brown now?


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